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UNIEXPORT was founded in 1992, with the main purpose of capitalizing by unifying experience and knowledge of handling natural sesame seed, especially to export to Japanese market. Since 1969 this partnership has contributed to enforce the Japanese market trough the select handling of varieties according the use and taste of the final consumer. UNIEXPORT has the merit of being the company who gave birth to natural sesame seed exports according to type and own characteristics of the varieties that are cultivated in Guatemala.

Itochu Corporation has been its counterpart in Japan. Itochu has identified the buyers who required food grade differentiated sesame that fulfills certain standards of quality and purity.

The UNIEXPORT´S main operative site of is located in Retalhuleu. Retalhuleu represents the best strategic place for acquisition of raw material. The cleaning and selection equipment is the best built for the achieving of the purity standards that buyers require, guaranteeing the suitable handling that do not damage the seed.

UNIEXPORT logs the different steps that take place on a sesame shipment, from the planting of the seed, post harvest handling, storage, cleaning, fumigations and delivery (Traceability Plan). All of this assures that the acquired product fulfills the requirements the buyer demands.

UNIEXPORT has developed supervised plantations by specialists to preserve the genetic traits of the varieties that the market likes. That is how Uniexoport can obtain certified seed and also develop training programs for the correct use of fertilizer and integrated handling of plagues under the agricultural production for human feeding norms (EPA Standards).

UNIEXPORT has extended their operations to Nicaragua, Paraguay and Bolivia due to internal market reasons and with the purpose of satisfying the globalize market demands. Uniexport has established strategic alliances with local companies who have accepted the technological transference and the fulfillment of Uniexport´s procedures and norms. This allows us the way to offer sesame to those origins.